What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. The value has been incredible lately. has become the focus of investors. For the first time with this currency First of all, let's summarize what Bitcoin is for those who will meet…

Decentralized currency

Bitcoin, which is now an undirected power, is the first Easy payment from one end of the world to another by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It was started as an experimental project to enable Nickname: Satoshi Nakamoto It was recently revealed that the person who was the person was Craig Wright from Australia. made In the statements, it was stated that the founder was born in 1970 and is a computer engineer. bitcoin, It is not affiliated with any payment system. In addition, any central bank and official It has no affiliation with the institution. which can be bought and sold in the currencies of the countries type of digital currency. Launched as an alternative to Euro and Dollar in global markets is being done. So, how to buy and sell Bitcoin?

How to Invest in Bitcoin

The new financial system that the current financial system persistently tries to ignore but fails to do. The currency Bitcoin has more than 1 million investors all over the world. Worldwide acceptance The abbreviation is BTC and is symbolized by -฿-. a material/physical It is produced by this digital currency mining method, which has no equivalent for now. Turkish You can generate virtual money by mining in return. However, mining You will need a good computer and video card. with the CPU mining is possible. However, with the current conditions, the computer we have quite inefficient for operation. Therefore, it is effortless to invest in Bitcoin. If you prefer the method, you have to buy it.

Bitcoin purchases are made from domestic exchanges or individual sellers outside the exchange. can be realized. To do this, first on your computer, mobile phone or virtual wallet by making use of web services available on the internet. you are creating. As there is no wallet limit per person, as many virtual machines as you want. You can create a wallet. Then you can buy Bitcoin with this wallet, money You can send and use your virtual wallet for your shopping. Proof-of-work, open for verification of payments made in the Bitcoin system technologies such as keyed encryption and point-to-point networking is used. For this reason, your private information for the wallet you will create. You don't need to give.

Bitcoin / Turkish Lira

The frequently asked questions about this currency, which is shown as the payment unit of the future, Another question is how much is 1 Bitcoin worth? A center to which this system is connected or Since there is no power, its value is completely determined by supply and demand conditions. Therefore, as in normal economic conditions, demand for Bitcoin value We can say that when the price decreases, the price decreases and when the demand increases, the price increases. End Experts for Bitcoin, which broke records on a record in the past, are still at the level it deserves. They argue that it is not. In this context, it is predicted that the rise will continue. Let's analyze how many Turkish Lira is 1 Bitcoin at the time it was created…

The exchange rates are updated every minute. However, the most current Bitcoin price on the market When we examine it with, we find that 1 BTC is about 25628.50 TL we observe. The selling price is 25587.80. Considering the inverse of this exchange rate, 1 Let's calculate how many Bitcoins in Turkish Lira. Exchange BTC/TL with up-to-date data When we detect the levels, in this case 1 TL = 3.9E-5 BTC. The value of Bitcoin is completely dependent on supply and demand on independent exchanges. determines. Exchanges that match the orders of sellers and buyers with each other, they publish the transactions made by the users as market and price information. This In this context, different Bitcoin exchanges are not connected to a center or to each other. For each exchange, the price is formed independently. price in exchanges The reason why it is close is the arbitrage transactions made by the users.

Will Bitcoin Drop? Will it come out?

Bitcoin is a network interaction and enables digital money transfer from X to Y. There are no brokers or intermediaries. Internet access from any point with Internet can be transferred to another point. Costs are very low as there is no middleman. For this reason, it is used all over the world and by many countries and giant brands. is supported. As demand increases, the price of Bitcoin also rises. Well, Cryptocurrency As a result of the rapid movements in the unit, will Bitcoin fall or rise?

Record levels in the beginning of November in the crypto money market, where very sharp movements are observed had been observed. Then, with the 2nd week of November, about the SegWit2x update The news that came out caused a loss of value close to 30 percent. Also rising Network capacity needs to be expanded to avoid transfer fees. Thinking developers leave the network because they cannot reach an agreement among themselves. they launched their own cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash.

The most talked-about subject of the economy lately has been whether the decline will continue. While discussions about Bitcoin, which is seen as the currency of the future, continue, today With an increase of 11.3%, Bitcoin moved to $ 6,520 and its total value was 10 billion. exceeded the dollar. However, after the rapid entry into the market in Bitcoin Cash, the money in question unit rose as high as $15400. Well, one of the most profitable investment tools What happens to Bitcoin in 2018? The world's largest options exchange and futures futures transactions of this virtual currency of CME Group, the transactions operator The demand for Bitcoin in the market has increased after the announcement that it will start. Because Bitcoin will witness great sales in the new year and the global economy will be doing very well. As a result of being followed in this way, Bitcoin investors can earn high profits. is anticipated to be possible. But some analysts are very speculative for this market. stated that this situation creates opportunities as well as risks. Let's point out that it hosts…