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Foreign, which stands for "Foreign Exchange", is a different currency of any country. To make a purchase or sale transaction according to the value against the country currency has the meaning. Due to the very high transaction volume (5 Trillion per day) dollar) is a market that is impossible to manipulate. Internet use Forex, which has made foreign exchange buying-selling transactions online with the spread of In this respect, it meets all the needs of investors. in the forex market financially on mobile devices or on your tablet and computer. you can perform your transactions. The most important feature of Forex You do not need to go to an office for purchases and sales.

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Forex is the world's largest financial market. Daily trading volume of over $5.5 Trillion With the effect of speculation and speculation, highly volatile prices are offered to the investor in a short time. provides the opportunity to earn profits from their movements. In a market with this level of depth it is impossible for a given capital to manipulate prices. Therefore, price movements A market free from manipulative effects and providing more reliable answers to analysis appears.

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Daily Analysis

We regularly update our daily analysis page.
following made about the market
from technical and fundamental analysis
you can benefit

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By following the weekly analyzes that week
about future price breaks Profitable investments with knowledge
you can.

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It is the most important privilege of the Forex market. Small and medium-sized due to leverage advantage It can make high-volume transactions with large investments. Nevertheless The investor's risk is limited only to the money invested.

Bidirectional transaction advantage

Investors trading in the Forex market only have to open a buy-side position. is not. Thanks to the double-sided trading advantage of the Forex market, It is possible to take advantage of falling prices by opening a sell-side transaction.

The market that cannot be manipulated

Thanks to its high liquidity feature, supply and demand meet freely. prices are determined. Market technical and fundamental analysis that cannot be manipulated a much healthier response to the analyzes made using gives.

A market open 24 hours a day, 5 days

Investors who trade in local markets, during the hours when the market is closed. price movements arising from developments in international markets. It is not possible to benefit from it.

E-book and Education

With the mobilfx E-Book, all the steps to be taken on the way to becoming a professional investor
can know more about the steps; how to do more
you may discover that you can make it smart and profitable.

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Bidirectional Investment

Backward decline of the markets Earn money from

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Leverage Operations

Up to 400x your money on mobilfx You have the opportunity to trade

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