The market, which opens at 00:00 Turkish time on Sunday night, is open until 23:59 on Friday night The remainder is a 5/24 active market in which the whole world participates. Investors all kinds of important news they can enter the transaction immediately.

Forex investment

The market, which opened at 00:00 Turkish time on Sunday night, remains open until 23:59 on Friday night, It is an active market 5/24 in which the whole world participates. Investors in the face of all kinds of important news They can be processed immediately.

In this market, large banks, intermediary institutions and individual investors are constantly trading. liquidity is very high. Instant trading in Forex markets takes place. It is not necessary to wait for a buyer or seller to perform a transaction.

Individual investors, They do not pay commissions or fees. Intermediary firms share their commercial profits between the buying and selling prices. they get the difference. Transactions are directly related to the reality that Forex trader sees on the computer screen. made on timely buying or selling prices. The investor always keeps his account status can monitor from the real-time trading platform.

In Forex markets, the investor can perform both buying and selling transactions. Already a Buying a foreign currency naturally means selling the other currency. Investor market If he believes that he will fall, he can also profit from the falling market by selling short.

In Forex markets, investors can benefit from the leverage system. Leverage applied rate, the money in the investor's account is used as collateral, You are given the opportunity to trade up to a certain number of times. Leverage up to 1:400 as mobilfx We can apply the ratio. In other words, transactions up to 400 times the money in your account according to the determined rate.

The vast majority of transactions in the Forex markets are carried out in the currency pair. Investor It can also make transactions on products such as gold and silver, according to its wishes.

Gold Investment

Increases in gold prices give investors the opportunity to earn profits. Gold When the changes in prices are evaluated in the forex market, the leverage system It brings great opportunities with it.

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Oil Investment

Oil is undoubtedly one of the most traded instruments in the commodity group. Despite the rapidly developing technology, there is no substitute product for petroleum yet, It has made oil one of the most traded commodities.

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Emita Investment

The goods used in trade can generally be called commodities. Commodities in world trade It is the most important trade that the buying-selling transaction takes place and that contributes to the economies. are tools. Prices are formed in line with supply and demand.

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CFD Investment

Positions taken to change the price of a product without any concrete trading of CFDs We can explain as. When entering the transaction, taking into account the future price of the product, position is entered.

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Bidirectional Investment

Backward decline of the markets Earn money from

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Leverage Operations

Up to 400x your money on mobilfx You have the opportunity to trade

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Free Education

Exclusive to investors of all levels
free forex trainings.

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Rich Account Types

Irrespective of the investment amount
suitable and advantageous account types

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