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MetaTrader 4, one of the most preferred trading platforms in the world, with mobilfx difference We present it to you, our investors. As mobilfx, also iPhone, iPad, Android phone We provide you with mobile trading platforms that you can use on your tablets and tablets.

MetaTrader4 Web

Meta Trader 4 is a software developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. Although the Forex market has many platforms, it is generally easy to use and fast. MT4 is preferred. It has a user-friendly interface. It is completely free to use.

We can install MetaTrader4 on our computer if we want, on our mobile phone or tablet, and When it's small, it doesn't take up much space. With MetaTrader4 from anywhere with internet You can make transactions and control the transactions you have performed. Everyone is very comfortable MetaTrader4, which is a platform that can be used in a multi-language support, including Turkish It has provided investors with a very comfortable trading opportunity. MetaTrader We have the opportunity to enter more than one order on it. These transactions are intermediary institutions and It is among the investors and it is not possible for third parties to reach it.

Professional Technical Analysis

There are different windows on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Each The window has different function. By using these windows you can easily perform your operations. way you can do it. Bidirectional forex trading using MetaTrader 4 You can do. In short, money rises and falls in forex instruments. You have a chance to win.

Our real balance, profit and loss status, live on MetaTrader4, We can see the transactions we have performed. The advantage of this is the mistakes made by the investor. to see it and to ensure that it does not fall into the same situation again. taking place in the market It is possible to follow the news-events on MT4.

Order Tracking and Notification Principles

mobilfx MetaTrader 4 Trading platform, the investor's collateral for leveraged trading and reflect account information in real time. In this context, the investor's risk positions, total assets available for collateral, cash balance, collateral utilization rate, unrecognized transactions, current profit/loss status and account value in real time can be viewed. In the electronic trading platform, the user is an asset belonging to his own account. entries/exits, position and transaction reports and all transactions made on the account. has the opportunity to display the breakdown in the date ranges to be determined by itself.

Price, validity period, transaction subject on the order entry screen on the electronic trading platform asset value, position value, maturity, order type, order amount, transaction cost and collateral requirement information such as can be displayed.

The Advantages of MetaTrader 4

Think about how much everything involves a universal tool - a good Swiss knife, for example. Now consider how to get a similar tool for trading? It's simple today - MetaTrader 4 most useful tools. This is one of the most reliable, convenient and popular trading terminals.

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0.01 minimum standard lots or 1,000 units
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Max leverage 1: up to 400

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